All change at Dewar Green

Your questions answered

Q       Who will be looking after our website now?

A       The support team at Fixed. You can contact them directly through your new dashboard. You can also chat to them from the Home page of their website.

Q       Will Tim be working with Fixed on our website?

A       No, Tim will not be offering support once your website has been transferred. The team at Fixed are able to contact him directly if they need any information about your site in order to support you.

Q       Who will help us make text changes and upload documents to our website?

A       Fixed will help but they only provide one ‘fix’ per month on their basic package. Your website is built on WordPress and is designed to be managed by you without any technical skills. There are many resources online to help you use the intuitive dashboard to make changes. YouTube is a great resource too.

Q       We were planning to ask Tim to add some new features to our website. Who do we ask to do this now?

A       If you wish to make design or feature changes you will need another web agency to help you. You may have your own contacts who can recommend a good WordPress agency. Tim has spoken to some agencies who will be pleased to provide a quotation. Here are their contact details:

Q       Where is our domain name (website address) now?

A       If Dewar Green registered your domain name and renewed it for you then Fixed will manage this for you and invoice you for renewals. If your domain name is managed by a third party, then it will remain where it is. If you aren’t sure please ask Tim or Fixed to check for you. You definitely need to know where it is registered to ensure it is renewed. Losing control of your domain can be very problematic.